Subway Surfers vs Temple Run: An Ultimate Guide Pros/Cons

Subway Surfers and Temple Run are both running games with different categories, but people need clarification on which one they have to download. Both games have different gameplay and have their own abilities to attract players. Both games have different characters, and the graphics of the games are different as well.

For the demands of the players and researchers of both games, I’m here to help you out with a complete guide. In the following, you can explore both games for your attention. When you read all the articles, you can know all the essential aspects of both Subway Surfers vs. Temple Run in detail, and all the pros and cons will also be discussed. Just follow, and let’s explore the running adventure of both games.

A Brief Introduction To Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is a running game that SYBO Games offers. The Subway Surfers story rounds about Jack and his cute friends. Jack and his friends like surfing and running through the subway, but an Inspector and his dog are their enemies them. If you can’t save your character, then they can catch you. You need to save your character from the obstacles which can appear suddenly. Collect the coins and unlock the more powerful and fast characters, which will make you more authoritative in the game.

Let’s HighLight A few Essential Features Of Subway Surfers

Simple Gameplay

Subway Surfers provides a fast-paced gameplay experience where players run, jump, and surf through the trains, jump, and cross obstacles to collect coins. The game gives you a number of coins to unlock more adventures. The game has no break for running; run as much as you can.

Subway Surfers vs Temple Run

Obstacles Of Game While Running

In subway surfers, there are many obstacles available with the game while running. You have to jump through the trains by swiping the screen. As you go onto the depths of the game, Trains, barriers, and obstacles will be shown instantly. You have to save your character from those obstacles to create your authority in the game.

Graphics Of Subway Surfers Game

The game Subway Surfers is the best for its graphics, especially realistic-looking obstacles like barriers and trains. While you are running and accidentally hit an obstacle, the enemy following you looks awesome when they catch you.

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Pros And Cons Of Temple Run

Keeps players engaged for long timeGamePlay repetitive over time
So many charactersAddictive game
Regularly UpdatesPerformance issue after rank boosts
Awesome Graphics
Endless Running

Temple Run Game

Temple Run and Subway Surfers are famous running games. The Temple Run game is an exciting running game played by strange enemies. You’ll run through old places, chased by angry monkeys because you have stolen something special from them. The Temple Run game is like an adventure movie-type game where you will be the hero trying to escape from danger.

You have to run fast and save from all the obstacles. Otherwise, the danger monkey will catch you, and you can’t win the game in this way. The thrill and excitement are waiting for you to download the Temple Run game now and enjoy the thrilling game.

Temple Run Game Ordinary Features

Unlockable Characters and Upgrades

Character of the temple run is one of my favorite characters in the game. As you go deep into the game, all the characters and their special abilities can be unlocked. All these abilities make the game more attractive to the players.

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temple run 2


The graphics of any game are an essential part of it, so it is necessary to discuss that the graphics of the game are very attractive, which makes the game more ordinary. When you step deep into the game, and the danger money follows you, all the pretty parts of the game look more awesome.

Sound Effects Of The Game

The game players of any game say that the sound effects of any game make the game perfect if the sound effects are really good. The game I am describing, the Temple Run game, has many awesome features. The best sound quality is one of them. While running, you can get a feel of a game’s realistic sound effects,

Pros And Cons Of Temple Run

Best Sound QualityEndless Running
Adds-Free Gaming ExperienceHard Levels And Challenges
Free To PlayLimited Character
Easy To Understand The Game Mechanism
Leaderboards and Challenges


Welcome to our Subwaysurfers site. I have described all the essential information about both games above. Both games have their abilities to catch the players towards it. It is up to you which one you want to download. Both games are free to download and are free for any addiction. Keep in mind that both games are not for any earning money; both games are only for entertainment purposes. You Can Play Both Games On Pc, check here for Downloading guides

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