Download All MOD’s Subway Surfers Old Versions For Android

Subway Surfers is one of the best quality running games for all running game lovers, and the developers upgrade it regularly. Still, as they upgrade, you have to face some difficulties, especially for those who have low-quality devices. To avoid this kind of problem, people are constantly searching for older versions of Subway Surfers mod apk.

For this kind Of problem, here on this site, all your problems will vanish because I’m here with all the best older versions of the game. All the compatibility issues with upgrades of the newer versions of the game will also be finished; you can enjoy your endless running game with all the older versions of the Subway Surfers game.

Why Subway Surfers Old Versions?

There is always a reason why people download old versions of the Subway Surfers game instead of new ones. Here are a few main reasons why you should do so.

Lower Storage Requirements

One of the main reasons behind downloading the old version of the Subway Surfers is storage problems. When new updates come, many devices with low storage might be the problem that you can’t run the game because the latest updated version might contain a large file size. This is why players go for the older version of the Subway Surfers game. If you are one of those who have low storage devices, then download the older version of Subway Surfers instead of the old version.

Offline Playable

When you are without an internet connection, and you like to play Subway Surfers, what is your option? If you want to enjoy the game offline, you may have to download the older version instead of the newer one because it can also be played offline.

Easy To Play

Many games become difficult to play with a new update. This might also be the reason to download older versions. When you consistently play the game with the same gameplay, you can be the master of the game. But in a new version, it can be challenging for you to become a master. In the older versions, you know all the essential strategies to win all the levels. If you are also willing to win the game, then you must use the old version that you are playing now.

Compatibility Issues

Many game upgrades come with many issues, compatibility issues being one of them. Sometimes, when your device is OS 4.5 and newly updated, the game can’t be played, which might be sportive for OS 4.5 plus devices. This can be the reason for going to the older versions of the Subway Surfers game.

Easy Levels

When a new update of the Subway Surfers comes to the market, it also comes with many new and hard levels, which you can’t win without knowing and experiencing, but when you have old versions in your hand, you can win all the levels without any disturbances.

How To Download Subway Surfer’s Old Versions

The download procedure for the old versions of the game is really simple: follow the given steps and download the game now!

  • All the old versions of the games are given above with the version name
  • Click on the specific version that you want to download
  • After clicking, hold and let it download
  • After downloads are complete, turn on “Unknown Sources” and proceed to the next process for the installation
  • That’s it: install and play for free


Thanks for coming to an end; all the essential information about the subway surfers old versions I have discussed; now you also know how to download Subway Surfers’ old versions as well. Old versions also have their specialties, all the essential topics I got important to discuss like features etc. In my recommendations, older versions are also good and any kind of malware and virus-free, but I would say that you should download newer versions instead of older ones because newer versions will be the best for your gaming experience, and the new version updates come with many new levels and challenges. New versions come with awesome new features, and new challenges await you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, newer and older versions both are safe to download and play. Older versions won’t affect your gaming experience.

Unfortunately, Subway Surfers developers don’t allow players to transfer progress from one newer version to the older one.

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