Subterranean Adventures: Unveiling Subway Surfers Missions

Subway Surfer is known for its best running game experience, and it comes with so many challenging missions. With these missions, you can win many rewards. But it isn’t easy to find and learn about the challenges. For this, I found curious people about the tasks, and they are constantly searching for the subway surfers missions because they want to earn as many coins as they can.

To the solution of this problem, I’m here with a complete solution; in the following of my blog, you will learn all about the game’s difficult tasks. Furthermore, you will be able to complete the missions easily because when you install the game and go to play, you already understand all the game mechanics.

Let’s Explore Subway Surfers Missions

The game provides you with so many missions. When you complete these subway surfers missions, you can earn so many rewards; the following are listed below in step by. Read and learn more about the game. Complete Mission with and get seasonal rewards

Step 1:

  • Collect 500 Coins on the first attempt
  • Score at least 1,000 points in one run
  • Pick up 2 Power-ups

Step 2:

  • Roll 30 times in a single racing
  • Collect 5,000 coins
  • Get caught by the Inspector in the first 10 seconds

Step 3:

  • Use 1 Hoverboard without crashing it means don’t hit by obstacles in the given time
  • Pick up 2 Mystery boxes and get a reward
  • Jump over 2 trains in one run

Step 4:

  • Score 20,000 points in one run
  • Pick up 12 Power-ups
  • Jump on 2 trains first attempt

Step 5:

  • Score 4,000 Points without collecting any Coins means that you run without any reward
  • Roll 50 times in the center lane
  • Collect 5,000 Coins at any time

Step 6:

  • Complete 2 Daily challenges
  • Pick up 5 Super Sneakers

Step 7:

  • Pick up 160 Coins with a Magnet
  • Pick up 2 Magnets in one run

Step 8:

  • Pick up 4 Mystery Boxes
  • Roll 40 times in one run
  • Collect 400 Coins in one run

Step 9:

  • Collect 100,000 Points
  • Pick up 5 Jetpacks
  • Bump into 12 light signals

Step 10:

  • Complete 3 Daily Challenges
  • Pick up 3 Super Sneakers in one run
  • Jump over 4 trains

Step 11:

  • Score 50,000 Points in one run
  • Spend 4,000 Coins
  • Pick up 15 Coin Magnets

Step 12:

  • Pick up 2 Jetpacks in one run
  • Bump into 8 trains in one run
  • Use 3 Hoverboards without crashing

Step 13:

  • Use 5 Hoverboards
  • Pick up 3 Magnets in one run
  • Get 5 Character Tokens from Mystery Boxes

Step 14:

  • Collect 250,000 Points in all time
  • Jump 40 times in one run

Step 15:

  • Stumble into 15 Barriers
  • Buy 3 Mystery Boxes
  • Pick up 240 Coins with a Magnet

Step 16:

  • Cross 80 Barriers
  • Spend 8,000 Coins on updates or any other things in-app purchasing
  • Pick up 4 Super Sneakers in one run

Step 17:

  • Roll 50 times in one run
  • Collect 500,000 Points
  • Score 12,000 Points without collecting Coins

Step 18:

  • Pick up 8 Mystery Boxes. Don’t miss while running
  • Roll 200 times in the center lane
  • Complete 4 Daily Challenges

Step 19:

  • Collect 15,000 Coins in all time
  • Score 120,000 Points in one run
  • Jump over 3 trains in one run

Set 20:

  • Use 8 Headstarts
  • Jump over 10 trains in one run and collect the coins
  • collect 15 Jetpacks and fly in the sky to collect the coins


Welcome to As a gaming lover, I always try to research the games, and I have discussed in my previous posts that I’ve been playing it for a while and completely researched this game. In the above article, I have described all the subway surfers missions of the Subway Surfers game.

This game provides you with a variety of missions that can be passed through the game. All the next missions come up after you complete the first mission. In my recommendations, if you want to make your authority in the Subway Surfers community, then make sure that you complete all the missions of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Subway surfer’s missions are the special tasks that the game provides you while playing. As you complete these missions, you can earn so many special rewards after completion.

There are no ways to complete the missions in a faster way, but if you want to complete the missions faster, then make a good strategy and make sure to use powers ups and boosters to complete the missions faster.

Yes, you can but there are a few difficulties to skip the missions because you have to spend so many coins and keys.

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