All Games by Subway Surfers Creator: A Comprehensive Guide

Subway Surfers is a most famous endless running game which was developed by Kiloo and Sybo Games and its famous because of Subway Surfers best gaming play and for wonderful graphics. Now, all the lovers of Subway Surfers eagerly want to know about all the games of the developers because they want to understand whether all the games of those developers are awesome like this game or not.

The players of those games are curious about the mindset of the game and eagerly want to explore the all games by subway surfers creator. So, to tackle this problem, in the following article, you will learn about all the games by these developers. All the essential features will also be discussed; I just want you to follow me till the end so you know all about the games in detail.

Kiloo and SYBO Games’ work offers insights into their creative journey and evolution in game design. Subway Surfers is an example of their creative mindset because this game has its name in the gaming world. They have created more games as well; I understand it is important to discuss their journey with you, too.

Notable Games By Kiloo

Here in the following, let’s discuss Kiloo games.

Metroland – Endless Runner

Are you just tired of running on the roads and the railway tracks? Then, now it’s time to run in the busy and crowded streets. This can happen with the Metroland game. In this game, you have to run in the busy streets, and you have to save your character from the obstacles that can stop you from reaching the end. If you think that this game can be easy then keep in mind that it’s not going to be easy for you because this game needs a good and fresh mind. Furthermore, this game is going to be a very challenging and strategic game for you.

All Games by Subway Surfers Creator

Unique Features Of MetroLand – Endless Runner

The game has so many features which can be discussed, but a few of its features are given below!

Graphics and Sound

The game’s sound effects are just really good. You can listen to all the sounds of the surrounding areas, and it feels just realistic. When we go to discuss its graphics, then, don’t worry at all because with the sounds of the game, the graphics of the game are also awesome and realistic. All the surrounding elements and obstacles look good while running.

Character Customization

The Metroland games provide you with a wide range of characters, and each character has its unique features and outfits; apart from this, you can customize them as well as your needs. Note that this customization will be available when you have earned the coins by completing and collecting coins while running because this customization can only happen with the coins.

Easy Control

When you install the game and go for the playing you can enjoy an easy touch screen control on mobile devices. All the characters will be in your control of fingerprint because by swiping up, you can jump and down for leaping, swipe left and right to move left to right, and right to lift. In this way, you can also collect the coins as well.

Dragons & Diamonds: A Strategic Puzzle Game

Welcome to the best Dragons & Diamonds puzzle game. In this game, you have to use your character as a hunter. This game is a strategic game where you have to hunt a dragon and collect diamonds. These diamonds are special rewards for winning the battle. If you think that this game is going to be easy, then hold on for a while. This game is going to be so challenging for you. If you want to win the battles, you have to learn so many skills of the games then you can become a master of the game.

Features Of Dragon & Diamonds Game

Here we go to discuss the basic features of the game.

Engaging Puzzle Mechanics

The game provides you with a variety of gems matching opportunities; with these gems matching, you can earn many special rewards that can help you to win the battles and make sure that all your plans are well managed and strategic against your other enemies.

Offline Play

One of the most attractive parts of this game is that it can be played offline. It means that you do not need an internet connection. Many devices get slower or hung up because of playing online, but in this game, all the problems about playing online will be solved.

Easy To Download

There are so many games available in the market that are easy to play but hard to play because it can happen that probably the games are not available at the play store. You have to download them from third-party apps, or you can download them from untrusted resources. This can be another hard challenge for you. But all your problems about downloading this game will vanish because this game is easily available at the play store or any other official app store where you can download Dragon & Diamonds games.

All the Games Of Sybo Games

Now you know all the games of the first developer, Kiloo. Now it’s time to discuss all the games of another developer whose name Sybo Games company.

Blades of Brim

Blades of Brim is another game by the creator of Subway Surfers, who is known as the best creator of running games. Now, I am going to introduce this game to you. This is another endless running game where you have to run and fight with the other enemies. This game is a combination of role-playing action and thrill where you have to fight and get rewards of special gear.

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Blades of Brim Handy Features

The game provides a number of features, but a few of its best are listed below!

Special Hero Characters

As I discussed above, it is an action and thrill game. Now note that the game provides you with a variety of special and unique characters and heroes; each hero has unique abilities that attract the players toward it. Each character has unique skills which can be customized and can be upgraded as well.

Colorful Graphics

The graphics of the games are really good and look so realistic; the app size is very short, which is why you can not face any type of glitches in the game. When you start running, you can see colorful buildings and greenery outside the busy areas.

Social Features

The social features of the game are a very attractive part of the game. With the help of social features, you can stay connected with your friends and family. Apart from this, you can share your achievements as well, so if you want to enjoy all these features, then you can download this game easily from any app store.

Subway Surfers Match

Subway Surfers Match is a 3D puzzle-solving game where you have to match the same colorful bricks, and you have to complete the challenges to earn special rewards. The game provides you with so many special and eye-catching color combinations. This game is not much like a game like Subway Surfers, but this game is also really good for entertaining purposes.

Subway Surfers Match Key Features

Here are the features of the game we are going to discuss below!

In-Game Events

The games give you an opportunity to take part in the daily, weekly, and monthly events. In this way, you can earn so many special rewards, and your game also stays fresh and up to date. These events are very special to make your gaming experience better. You must take part in these.

Free and Easy to Play

One of the most attractive features of any game that many players want to see is the free gaming experience. There are so many puzzle games available that are paid to play, but this game is not like others because it is free to download and free to play. Apart from that, this game is also very fun to play as well, which means that players of any age can play it easily.

Challenging Levels

The game provides you with a number of levels. There are almost a hundred-plus levels available in the game; each level has its unique style, and each has different obstacles as well. Pass these obstacles, cross the level, step down into the next level, and earn so many special rewards as well. This game is one step behind. Just go to the Play Store or any other app store and download it now.

Subway Surfers Blast

Subway Surfers Blast is an exciting puzzle game that has its unique name in the world of Subway Surfers. In this game, you have to match three or more tiles with the same and have to blast on this. When you match colors one by one, you can complete the levels and reach the next levels as you pass one level, and the next levels become harder and harder. It means that this will be challenging for you to pass the hard levels.

Subway Surfers Blast Features

Here are the features of the game.

Use Boosters and Power-Ups

As you reach into the harder levels, the game becomes harder to play and hard to blast on the puzzles as well. This game provides you with a booster and power-up opportunities. It means that you don’t have the same colors where you can blast with the help of the powers-up. In this way, you can pass the hard levels easily and reach the next levels.

Regular Updates

In regular updates, you can stay fresh while playing the game. Your game also stays smooth; it means that you do not have to face any kind of glitches. When new updates come up, new levels and new powers also upgrade with it. If you want to enjoy smooth gameplay, then make sure that you have an updated version in your hands.

Colorful Tiles

This game is really good for color game lovers because this game provides you with a variety of colors. Each color looks so prettier while playing. If you are a puzzle games lover, then this game is for you and is really simple and fun to play. This game is a much more entrained puzzle game than the other games that are available in the gaming app stores.

Final Thoughts

At the end now it’s time to close the topic in a few words. In the above article, I have described all the special and entertaining games of the creators of the most famous endless-running subway surfers game. All the games I have described above are the most fun games that are played consistently.

Still, in my opinion, the Subway Surfers game is a really awesome game rather than the games I have described above because of the graphics, gameplay, sound effects, and a number of varieties of characters that attract the players to play this game.

Furthermore, if you have other questions about all the games of the creators of the Subway Surfers, then feel free to leave your questions at the end of this article in the comments section. We will reply to you with an answer to your questions as soon as possible.

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